The Car

Electric Vehicle EV-A

During the season 2023, the challenge the E-Team decided to take on was the transition from the Combustion category to Electric. The first electric car of the E-Team and the entire Ateneo Pisano is equipped with a hybrid chassis composed of a steel truss in the rear and a carbon fiber monocoque in the front. The car's propulsion system consists of a pair of aircraft-derived rear motors, each of which is flanked by an inverter, which form a bridge between the motors and the battery.

Driving simulator FormulaXperience

As the result of meticulous work and high levels of collaboration, we present our little gem. The simulator has been exhibited on several occasions, first and foremost Mecspe thanks to our sponsor Biesse, and in each of these, it has always been particularly appreciated. Its strong points? One cannot fail to mention its orientation to a circular economy, its excellent performance, and its uniqueness. Being built with components from the Combustion and Driverless predecessors, it is definitely "green oriented" and, in that sense, has made it possible to give a second life to, for example, the steering wheel, pedals, computer, and steering; all through a meticulous search for the best parts and most efficient combinations. Last but not least, its eye-catching design: the livery was created in collaboration with Sowet, a young writer, and this allowed us to portray the aerodynamic flows, using our distinctive colors, orange and purple.