The Car

Combustion Vehicle Galileo

By putting together what we learnt during our university studies, a lot of hard work and effort, the Galileo combustion vehicle was born. A hybrid chassis was developed by combining the monocoque at the front and a trellis frame made of tubular steel at the rear. This allowed to easily install the Honda CBR600RR engine. The materials used for manufacturing include CNC machined aluminum (for hubs, hub carriers and rockers), and titanium (for the drive shafts and the exhaust system). The intake, necking and many other non-structural details were 3D printed. Also the aerodynamics of the vehicle was curated as precisely as possible: this includes the front wing, the rear wing, belly, belly pans, the underside and the extractor, which help increase the vertical load and allow for a higher grip and stability.

Driverless Vehicle Kerubless

Kerubless is our first Driverless vehicle and its unique features were awarded the first place at the Design Event during Formula ATA 2021 in Italy and the Cost Event during FSG 2021. KerubLess is based on KerubLast, the combustion vehicle developed by E-Team Squadra Corse in 2019. KerubLess is an open-wheel vehicle with sensors and actuators, able to compete in the FSG driverless category. The vehicle is equipped with LiDAR and stereo-camera to perceive the environment and a complete software stack to perform on-line track mapping and trajectory planning.